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A Reputation For Excellence

     After its incorporation in 1985, Regional Builders Inc. quickly established a presence as a major design/build firm in Worcester county. Specializing in steel and pre-engineered buildings, R.B.I. prides itself on its excellent reputation for award-winning designs and consistently high production volumes.

       R.B.I.'s extensive project list includes buildings ranging in size from 2,000 sq. ft. to building as large as 100,000 sq. ft. and, with specialists in both design and construction, R.B.I. can answer all your needs.., from simply developing plans to a complete turn-key project.

     Regional Builders began as a residential concrete foundation company operating under the name of Regional Forms. However, in spite of its success in the residential market, the company experienced rapid growth in commercial and industrial foundations. In 1983, the company founder, Steve Lemon, decided to focus entirely on the commercial and industrial market, changing the company name to reflect his ongoing commitment to the commercial/industrial market. With a family tradition of steel erection and construction, Steve soon naturally progressed into constructing steel building with the foundations. With the need for creative flair and solid construction experience, R.B.I. continues to expand in the Worcester county area and beyond.

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